Spots, Freckles

In most cases of simple freckles and age spots, they will disappear completely with the right lasers and the right number of treatments. New ones may appear if you continue to suntan your skin, and if you do not follow the post-treatment instructions given to you by Dr. Kassay. Other, more complex pigmented lesions may be more difficult to remove with lasers, or they have an inherent tendency to reappear, such as melasma.

Laser treatments, along with particular bleaching creams, are the best way to either make them fade away to an almost unnoticeable level, or to get rid of them altogether.

How well you respond to laser treatments depend on a number of factors. The more superfial the pigment the better response. Deeper more complex lesions will require more treatments on a 1 - 2 week time frame.

There may be some redness and the potential for slight blistering. However with a conservative approach and proper post treament of cooling and sun avoidance, negative factors are minimal.