Thin, Short Eyelashes

Our lashes thin and shorten as we get older. Somtimes wearing false eyelashes will thin your natural lashes. Latisse is an FDA approved solution that will grow your eyelashes making them longer, thicker and darker.

It takes up to 16 weeks to achieve 100% effectiveness. Then it is a quick daily maintenance to keep your fuller lashes.

If your eyes are the window to the soul, your eyelashes are the frames. Using Latisse to enhance your natural beauty is safe and easy.




"When I went to get a refill from my doctor, all the nurses and office workers came out to look at my new LATISSEĀ® lashes. I love this product and will continue to use it."

"I’ve always had thin, short lashes. They were barely noticeable. Within the first month, my lashes started to grow longer and, within two months, they looked even better."