40% of Men are Receiving Procedures

Most people believe taking care of their skin and trying to look and feel younger is a woman's game. Fear not Gentlemen! A little less than half of our patients are Men. Men have historically disobeyed every skin care regime through their teens to their 40's. A quick peek in the mirror may illuminate all those cumulative years of damage. Greatest Bang for Buck? A little Botox between the eyebrows.

Most men try Botox for a few frown lines, then after positive results, will schedule a package of laser treatments treat years of sun damage. Watch for more before and after photographs.

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Back from Paris Melanoma Conference!

I have returned from the International Master Course of Aging Skin, in Paris.  Wow, what a conference!   The experts from around the world were there.  I learned new techniques for injecting the face and new technologies on the horizon.  I  have already been utilizing cannulas to inject the face with fillers, but this conference [...]

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New Website

Hope you find the website a valuable resource.

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